Summer 2011
June 12th 06/12/2011
Two days later and I've gotten four more items done :) 
-Swim at night
-Take a nap
-Write bff a letter
-Eat breakfast outside
         I woke up saturday morning wide awake and listening to birds chirping outside my window, so I decided what better why to start off my day then to eat outside. I grabbed  a huge blueberry muffin and poured a glass of orange juice. Yum. 
        My best friend left for Orlando the day after school got out so I've been left here trying to find ways to occupy myself until we can hangout again. I decided it would be nice to have a letter waiting in her mailbox when she returned. I got out all the colorful pens I could find and began writing some pretty heartfelt things. I finally finished and it actually wasn't to bad. Just be fore I stuck it into an envelope I sprayed it with my favorite summery perfume. However I haven't actually sent it yet only because I don't remember her house number haha :) 
         Around two o'clock an afternoon thunderstorm set in just as they do almost every summer afternoon in Florida. I was laying on the couch watching so Rom-Com movie on HBO and suddenly my eyelids began to feel heavy and then suddenly close. An hour and a half later I woke up to my little brother running around the house shooting imaginary bad guys with one of his monstrous nerf guns. Oh well it was nice while it lasted. 
           Some long time family friends came over for dinner along with their daughter a year younger than me and a son (quite attractive I might add) only two days older than my big brother. After we ate all of us kids decided to go swimming (I have a pool in my backyard). It was probably some where around nine and pretty dark out so of course the boys thought it would be funny to hid underwater and sneak attack us... lets just say we ended getting payback ;)
Schools out and I started summer off with a bang! I managed to accomplish 5 items from my list (see home page). 
-making & writing in a blog ;) 
-eating a popsicle
-dressing up and going to dinner  
-jumping on a trampoline 
Well obviously you can see how the whole blog deal went (comment and tell me what you think ), but as for the others let me explain...
      I started off summer by hanging out with some friends, then i got to have the honor of going with my Mom to pick up my little Brother from a family friends house. We walked the door and moments latter I found my self bouncing on a trampoline with about 6 children all under the age of 11. Let me tell you,  I felt like a loser as they showed me all the countless tricks and flips they could do.(I have absolutely no talent in the gymnastics field) But, hey, I will admit that it was fun. 
       I woke up at 7:43 this morning, for what reason I have no idea. I mean really who wakes up early on the 1st day of summer. Anyway being the avid runner that I am I went for a nice 20 minute run, jamming to my IPOD the whole time (Journey songs sung by Glee haha). And being that its Florida I live in I came back sweating and on fire. The perfect remedy a nice cold lime flavored popsicle :)
       This morning my younger brother was painting and my Mother was showering him in compliments. "oh honey we need to frame this" and "Your such a wonderful artist" filled our home, so being the competitive person I am I decided to show him up. I know, I know  not a very good thing to do but sibling rivalry is strong in our house and my little brother is a little spoiled. Well, sufficed to say my Mom made no comments toward mine , although I am pretty darn proud of myself :) 
         Being that it's my older Brothers 18th Birthday (yes i get the joy of being a middle child and the only girl) we went to a nice restaurant with six of his closest friends. So I got to enjoyment of dressing up! :) Dinner was delicious and I don't think I'll be eating again for quite some time haha :) 
      Thats all I've got done for now but I'm sure I'll accomplish a few more soon :)