Summer 2011
Schools out and I started summer off with a bang! I managed to accomplish 5 items from my list (see home page). 
-making & writing in a blog ;) 
-eating a popsicle
-dressing up and going to dinner  
-jumping on a trampoline 
Well obviously you can see how the whole blog deal went (comment and tell me what you think ), but as for the others let me explain...
      I started off summer by hanging out with some friends, then i got to have the honor of going with my Mom to pick up my little Brother from a family friends house. We walked the door and moments latter I found my self bouncing on a trampoline with about 6 children all under the age of 11. Let me tell you,  I felt like a loser as they showed me all the countless tricks and flips they could do.(I have absolutely no talent in the gymnastics field) But, hey, I will admit that it was fun. 
       I woke up at 7:43 this morning, for what reason I have no idea. I mean really who wakes up early on the 1st day of summer. Anyway being the avid runner that I am I went for a nice 20 minute run, jamming to my IPOD the whole time (Journey songs sung by Glee haha). And being that its Florida I live in I came back sweating and on fire. The perfect remedy a nice cold lime flavored popsicle :)
       This morning my younger brother was painting and my Mother was showering him in compliments. "oh honey we need to frame this" and "Your such a wonderful artist" filled our home, so being the competitive person I am I decided to show him up. I know, I know  not a very good thing to do but sibling rivalry is strong in our house and my little brother is a little spoiled. Well, sufficed to say my Mom made no comments toward mine , although I am pretty darn proud of myself :) 
         Being that it's my older Brothers 18th Birthday (yes i get the joy of being a middle child and the only girl) we went to a nice restaurant with six of his closest friends. So I got to enjoyment of dressing up! :) Dinner was delicious and I don't think I'll be eating again for quite some time haha :) 
      Thats all I've got done for now but I'm sure I'll accomplish a few more soon :)

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