Summer 2011

The List

I recently decided that I'm going to make this summer count. The thought that my brother will be heading off to college next summer has made me realize that I'm running out of time to be able to do whatever I want. I'm going into my sophomore year and its time to start living and stop waiting to be "old enough" to do the things I've always wanted, one day I'll be too old to do these things. I don't want to live with regrets. So i decided to make a list of things to do this summer (this is also an effort to not be bored everyday). I came up with about 136 things that I really want to accomplish. Yes some of them are silly and childish but if I don't do them now I never will get a chance.
Here's my list:
1. read at least 3 books
2. Finish all summer assignments before August (Ap classes- gotta love em')
3. keep room relatively clean
4. go downtown
5. paint every nail a different color and leave it that way for at least 3 days
6. run in at least 3 road races
7. watch 3 or more classic movies
8. bake cookies
9. work on Photography skills 
10. decorate cupcakes 
11. make $$$$
12. put in temporary highlights
13. play with sidewalk chalk
14. write and send a letter to someone 
15. make music videos
16. get a tan tattoo (they kind wear you put a sticker on then lay out in the sun, not a real tattoo)
17. Kayak and paddle board
18. buy and use a underwater camera
19. watch a meteor shower (august 12-13)
20. run in mountains
21. sew something and actually use it
22. water marble my nails
23. make a playlist of songs for if my life was a movie
24. pick actors to be in movie
25. see sunrise
26. make ice cream
27. go to the movies
28. volunteer at a daycare
29. play poker with candy
30. make dinner for my family
31. make friendship bracelets
32. make root beer floats
33. make lemonade
34. write in a journal everyday (or at least a few times a week)
35. go to the library 
36. make a collage
37. Tie-dye something
38. make popsicles
39. camp in my backyard
40. go to the zoo
41. do something nice for someone 
42. watch sunset with someone i care about
43. do a photo-shoot
44. see fireworks
45. go to camp
46. swim in a lake
47. go on a boat
48. wake up before 8:30 most days
49. draw a picture
50. play with my little brother for a whole day
51. make Christmas presents for friends (never to early to start)
52. go 1 day without T.V.
53. roast marshmallows
54. catch fireflies
55. babysit
56. make smoothies
57. make a toe ring
58. set up and write in a blog-check 
59. swing
60. find beach glass
61. climb Grapehill (family tradition)
62. play a board game outside
63. change/ add something to my room
64. eat polish food
65. hangout with friends 
66. learn a new song on the piano
67. watch at least 3 Disney movies
68. collect as much change as possible
69. learn some pointless information
70. have a water fight
71. win a prize at something (win a 5k, contest...)
72. be a vegetarian for 3 days 
73. buy something for someone just because
74. go to the beach 2+ days in a row
75. swim everyday for 1 week
76. have a movie night
77. bake and decorate a cake
78. go to some sort of park (waterpark, themepark...)
79. run further than i ever have before (more than 7.5 miles)
80. choreograph a dance
81. have at least 3 sleepovers
82. go to a thrift shop
83. have a picnic
84. meet someone new and have a conversation with them
85. blow bubbles
86. go 1 whole day without wearing shoes
87. eat breakfast outside 
88. eat an ice cream cone
89. paint-check
90. read the Bible
91. wear a flower in my hair
92. go to the beach at night
93. go for a walk
94. ride a bike
95. eat a popsicle- check
96. play wii
97. dress up and go out to dinner- check
98. watch something funny
99. make a bag (a gym bag i saw in a magazine)
100. learn a new word
101. visit a college
102. send someone famous a letter and see if they respond
103. listen to a new type of music
104. edit 5+ photos
105. let my little brother pic a show and watch all of it with him
106. make food for someone
107. climb a tree
108. practice driving
109. go on an airplane without my parents
110. write bff a letter even though she lives nearby
111. write something (poem, story, song...)
112. donate things i no longer use
113. jump on a trampoline-check
114. rent a movie
115. take pics of everything that i accomplish on this list
116. tan in my backyard
117. swim at night
118. watch Titanic
119. learn a new hairstyle 
120. read a Nicholas Sparks book
121. jump rope
122. take a nap
123. go shopping
124. try on a fancy dress 
125. wash a car
126. get a temporary tattoo 
127. make popcorn 
128. see a parade 
129. do hair & makeup for no reason 
130. make a slushie 
131. play in a slip & slide/ waterslide
132. beat someone in a game 
133. pick out a crazy outfit and put a pic of it on facebook 
134. be more outgoing 
135. swim/ play in the rain
136. make a scrapbook of the summer

Its only the second day of Summer & I have already gotten 5 thing accomplished :) In each post I will a picture and explain how each one I accomplish went :) :) Thanks for reading :) :) :) :) :)